Playground Sweeties

Young children have young mothers, generally. Being a single parent I took every opportunity to visit all of the parks in our town. For a small out of the way community we had four places for our children to play. The elementary school had a very nice solid wooden play gym, the high school had a nice field to run around on, and the main Community Park had a bunch of slides and swings. Then there was the park with a swimming pool. They had a good size pool for the older children but they had a six-inch deep pool for the younger children. That’s where I liked to take my two-year-old daughter.

Many of the mothers would wear their bikinis in the little kiddy pool knowing that they would be getting wet. They often stuck their ass in my direction and I loved it. I also enjoyed looking at their breasts swinging around in a tiny hammock as they leaned over. Occasionally a woman would come in wearing a miniskirt and bend over in front of me. If I was in the front of them I usually got a nice look down their tops at their breasts in a sexy bra. However, if I was behind them I got a real treat. Many women wear thong panties and some don’t wear any panties at all. I sit down as low as I can and just enjoy the view.

Of course my daughter is beautiful with her curly golden hair and her green eyes. She is a chick magnet and every woman has to come over and admire her, which I don’t mind in the least.

Surprisingly only half of the women are married or engaged, there are a lot of single mothers out there.

One very sexy lady came over to me with her daughter and our girls started playing together. She had on a bluejean miniskirt and a bikini top. She turned and put her ass right in my face as she pulled her daughter’s tiny suit up.

About half of her nice firm ass was hanging out the bottom. I could see a yellow string bisect her twin globes and attach to a tiny triangle of material trying to cover her pussy. I saw a few hairs sticking out letting me know that she did not shave her pussy. I also saw her brown puckered asshole with that yellow string caressing it as she bent over. I could feel my cock raising in my swim trunks knowing that it would be highly obvious.

She realized what she had done and turned to say, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. I hope you will forgive me.”

She looked down and saw my erection bursting to get out and said, “If I take care of that…will you forgive me?”

I looked around and she said, “Not here silly, but if you come with me I’ll find a place.”

I looked down at the enormous size of it. I had never seen it grow to such extreme proportions before.

She smiled and said, “Just walk close behind me and carry your daughter low…no one will notice.”

We made it to the parking lot and to her van. She then took both girls over to the sandbox where another woman was with her son. They had a few words and then the woman came back to me.

We got in her van, closed the door, and she got on the backseat on her knees. She pulled her panties down and let me enter her from behind. It was great sex, it was hard, it was fast, and it was still great.

She shoved two Kleenex in her pussy to absorb some of the moisture, pulled her panties up into place, and then got out of the van. We walked over to the woman at the sandbox.

Then she said, “Hello my name is Jill, this is my sister Kate, and these are her two children. She has had her eye on you all summer but I told her that I could get you to fuck me in less than an hour.” She looked at her sister and said, “I win.” Then almost as an after thought she said, “He’s all yours Kate. You’re used to my hand-me-downs.”

As she walked away I mumbled, “What a fucking bitch.”

Kate said, “Tell me about it. You only had to put up with it for an hour I’ve had her for a lifetime. My boyfriend left me eight months pregnant for her and then she dumped him.”

I asked, “Kate could we get to know one another sometime? I have seen you here before but I didn’t know that was your daughter with her.”


Kate and I spent the rest of the summer meeting in one playground or anther. She would wear a bluejean miniskirt with yellow thong panties when we came to the kiddie pool and she would put her butt in my face. Afterwards we would go over to Jill’s apartment and make her baby sit the three kids while we messed up her nice clean sheets. Sex was always great and even better than it had been with Jill in Kate’s van.

Kate seemed to like the fact that she had somehow taken me away from her sister. That Christmas Kate gave me a present that I had not expected, a threesome with her sister.

Her mother took the three kids for a whole weekend and we checked into a honeymoon motel in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. It was the kind with a Jacuzzi right in the room with us, shaped like a Champaign glass. That Friday the three of us sucked, fucked, and bathed together.

On Saturday I suggested that we get married and not waste a nice honeymoon suite. Kate accepted and within hours we were husband and wife. We spent the rest of Saturday and until noon on Sunday fucking our brains out. I would fuck Jill and then make love to Kate. The two girls would make love and then we would rest up for the next time.

At least Kate knew that Jill could not take me away from her.

Her mother was excited to hear the good news and offered to baby sit her three grandchildren any time that we needed her. Even Aunt Jill offered.

Nine months to the day that we were married Jill gave birth. She had forgotten her birth control pills and took a gamble. She lost.

The following month my wife Kate also gave birth.

I was married less than a year and had five children to support. Four girls and a boy, two wives, and the best mother-in-law that money could buy. I was a lucky man. Kate never minded me fucking her sister when she was having her period. If both women were on the rag together there was always my mother-in-law. I told you that she was the best that money could buy.

Even though she was twenty years my senior she taught me things that I then used on her daughters. Kate was not in the least jealous of her sister or her mother, she knew that I belonged to her. Of course just to be fair I always asked her permission before sleeping in another bed but it was always granted.

On those nights that I slept with her mother I got very little sleep. She could drain me of all my energy by morning and then still take care of her grandchildren. She would spend the entire night fucking me. She would suck my cock with her very talented pussy, she would suck my cock with her mouth and somehow even her asshole would suck my cock. I saw that woman smoke cigarettes but not because she smoked, she did it as entertainment for years and always kept a few around. She would light one and then smoke it with her pussy. She could blow smoke rings with her pussy too. She always wore a strange ring on her right thumb but when she inserted that ring into her asshole it kept an opening through which she could then smoke a cigarette. She could suck smoke into her rectum and blow it out again. She could blow the traditional smoke rings or she could blow one big one and then fire a missile of smoke right through it. I had seen her practice shaking her breasts with tassels glued to the ends. She could make them both go clockwise or counterclockwise at will. She could make just one or the other do the same thing. I once saw her put a shot glass down on the floor between her feet, then wearing only six-inch heels she could bend over backwards and pick that glass up in her lips and drink it. She made a fortune in the old days but in today’s society a stripper only has to strip and shake her tits around. Too bad none of them have any real talent. 

I tried to get Kate and Jill to take lessons from their mother but neither one wanted to follow in her footsteps.

She continued to entertain me for years. I had no need for any other women. Those three were all that I ever needed.

The End
Playground Sweeties
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